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(Experiment 237) Lemonade

We have the last heat wave over here before winter/snow sets in so the kids ask me to make them a nice lemonade. How hard can it be, just water+sugar+ lemon juice, right? Not exactly

You need

  • 1 cup of lemon juice ( about 5 or 6 lemons)
  • 200gr sugar
  • 4 cups of water


  1. In a pot combine 1 cup of water with the sugar and heat it up at low/medium heat. You don’t want to boil this just that it’s hot so both merge together. Stir every now and then. When it’s done remove it from heat and it cool.
  2. Extract the juice of the lemons until you get a cup. I highly recommend you wash the lemon first 🙂
    Once done, dump the juice into the pot with the rest of the mixture and mix.
  3. Add the remaining water and do a taste test. At this stage my kids love it but I find it’s still way too sweet so I add water more water to my glass. Adjust to your taste.

Extra: This summer we went blueberries picking and a fun way to use them is following this recipe but you put in a cup of blueberry in the pot at the beginning to heat with the water and sugar, you then strain it and pursue direction. It gives a really nice taste and color to your drink!

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