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Hey there  

Welcome to The Flavor Lab ! This is my first time writing a blog so bear with me. I didn’t know how to kick this off so figured I would proceed with the common questions I get asked.

Who are you?

My name is Alex and I’m passionate about many things but what has been following me since childhood is the passion for food. I started cooking very young with my grandmother and as far as I can remember my mom always had a little garden around the house. I now grow a bunch of veggies, garlic (11 varieties)  but also I have 12 19 blueberry bushes ( 6 9 varieties) .

You will also see my 2 sous-chefs occasionally, I highly recommend you get yourself at least one, they are cheap labor and fun to work with (most of the time)😆

How did you get started? 

During the summer of 2020, I went on a quest to reproduce the pizzas I ate in Italy, more specifically, Neapolitan pizza.  In the process, I may have annoyed a few people about all my pizza experiments. I did at least 25 recipes, changing the ingredients or the technique until I finally got something quite satisfying. A number of people were interested in following my adventure and sending emails was not ideal so the blog was created. 

Why are you writing all these down?

Well, there are multiple reasons here, first I really love talking about food and sharing my knowledge so I decided to document my “experiments” over here. Secondly more selfishly, it’s a great way to dump all my recipes in one central place 😉

Why should I read your blog? 

So obviously if you love good food you will feel right at home here. I share some of the best recipes I do and try to make them as easy as possible to execute. I also like to take on other people’s recipes and give it my own touch tapping on all my years of cooking.

How often do you update your blog?

I push updates usually Wednesday and Friday.  During summer I usually drop to 1 post per week.

So that’s great but how credible are you? Have you ever worked in a kitchen? 

I have worked in a kitchen for a grand total of 3 weeks to replace a childhood friend who was travelling in Germany. Oh, bloody hell I hated it! It was pretty clear from that day I would not become a Chef as I did not enjoy cooking for money. Just not for me. 

But I still wanted to up my game so I decided to enroll in an intensive cooking class. This was done over several weekends with Chef Jean-Michel Riverin, who was the director of a kitchen academy and was featured on various TV shows. We keep in contact after the class as we shared another passion ( car) but unfortunately he had an accident and died. 

I later took some additional training for Thai and Indian food as I really enjoy both of these specialties.

I have a good recipe do you want it?

Definitely !! Always looking to try new food but be warned I will likely tamper with your recipe 😉



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    Juist wanted to say you have a great site. Nice picture too

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    Zuki Chang

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