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(Experiment 156) S’more

I decided to rebuild this American classic and to pimp it up a little bit. For this recipe, we will make our own graham crackers and marshmallow. While it may sound like a lot of work, it’s actually fairly easy to do and not bad time-wise.

The big downside other than carbs intake is they are only good for a day and as soon as you assemble it, the cracker will unfortunately slowly start to lose its crispness.

You need:

  • Graham cracker (see how-to here)
  • Marshmallow ( see how-to here )
  • 3-400g chocolate ( I used Callebaut 823 for a rich milk chocolate flavor but you could use dark )


  1. First, you want to do the marshmallow as they will stay fresh for a few weeks. The day you want to do the s’more, do the crackers.
  2. What I did is tempered some chocolate and dip one side of each cracker in. Afterward, I chopped in half a marshmallow and put the 2 pieces on it. Using a culinary torch, I grilled the marshmallow then quickly put another layer of cracker on top ( chocolate face in ) and press it down gently to mush the marshmallow a bit.

When ready to serve, using the torch again, grill some more on the side of the marshmallow.

Obviously, if you have a campfire going its less hassle 😉

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