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(Experiment 190) Pizza equipment

Here are a few things you will need if you want to get into making pizza from scratch

  • A small digital scale that can weight down to 0.01 gr
    • Very useful for cold fermentation pizza 
  • Normal digital scale 
  • Pizza cutter/scrapper 
    • I like the scrapper style easier to get the dough out of the container 
  • Pizza steel or pizza stone 
    • From my research, the steel does a better job 
  • Optional Stand mixer 
    • I have now ditched using it and knead by hand for most recipe
  • Pizza peel 
    • Because you don’t want to burn those finger 
  • Optional Laser temperature gun
    • Totally optional but definitely a nice toy! Lets you know how hot the steel is 
  • Measuring spoon and measuring cup 
  • Large airtight container
  • Semolina
    • I use this on the pizza peel so the dough doesn’t stick, a small amount goes a long way

Of course, it goes without saying if you have a wood oven it’s the best thing you can have to cook a pizza but those cost ~2000$. An alternative with propane is the OONI oven which can go up to 900F . It cost 500 USD and you can cook a pizza in 90 seconds.


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