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(Experiment 222) Fresh mint chocolate

My after-eight chocolates were a huge hit so I wanted to play with this a bit more. Instead of using peppermint icing, let’s swap this for a fresh mint ganache.

You need

  • ~30 leaves of peppermint chopped grossly
  • 105g heavy cream ( 35%) + a little bit extra
  • 29g corn syrup
  • 15g room temperature butter
  • (Optional) 1-2 drop peppermint oil (food grade)
  • 200g dark chocolate + extra chocolate for the tempering


  1. In a pot brings to a boil the mint leaves and the cream, turn off heat, cover, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Let’s strain the cream with a chinois strainer to filter the leaves out. When all you have left in the strainer, I like to pick up the mints leaves between my fingers and press them hard to squeeze all the cream and mint out of them. In the process may have lost about 10% of the cream, simply re-add some to the mix until you are back to 105g.
  2. Start tempering the chocolate following these instructions.
  3. While you wait, you can pour back the mint cream into a pot with the corn syrup. If you want that little cooling effect in your chocolate, add a few drops of peppermint oil in. Bring it to a boil while mixing then let it cool.
  4. Once you have your tempered chocolate, bring it back to 90F and mix in the butter. Once there is no chunk left, pour the pepper cream in and mix thoroughly for a few minutes. Scrape the side and make sure it’s well combined. It should have a nice sheen to it.

To mould see how to mold chocolate.

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